The Kairos Family Centre is a private non-profit organization. It was established in 2005 to provide professional therapeutic help for families, couples and individuals in the emotional and mental distress and it helps to improve the quality of life. We are trying to approach as comprehensive as possible towards understanding and resolving the problem. The therapeutic approach is highly integrative. It is based on the relational-family therapy, along with other knowledge about man and society.



At The Kairos Family Centre we strive:

  • for the man, his awareness of himself – one’s own identity, personal growth and holistic contact with each other;
  • to search and develop personal potential;
  • to assist walking from captivity in disregard relations, systems, environments so the individual gets the strength to delimit them;
  • for “handling spine” – returning the dignity after the trauma, abuse, violence;
  • to identify and resolve non-functional patterns of behavior;
  • for awareness against various forms of abuse and learning to respect in personal relations;
  • for the professional preparation of the partnership and living together;
  • for professional monitoring of marriage groups
  • for professional growth of therapists and workers in social care by providing individual and group supervision.



The ancient Greeks had two different meanings of time in their writings: kronos (gr. κρόνος) and kairos (gr. καιρός). Kronos is time when things line one after another without real order and sense, somehow “empty” time. Kairos is the very opposite of it, because it means quality time in which the changes occur. Kairos calls for alertness and courage and it is a symbol of reaction in the right moment.  



The logo represents a man holding a woman, wife – mother holding a child. The symbol of hands which holds and gives safety. It is a good prospect for life, if you were “worn in their hands”. There is a sense of safety and peace in you. You can trust, explore and create, in short, you can live. Without any fear and trauma. If there are no hands you miss safety and in confusion and uncertainty you are always looking for the “hands”, for someone to “carry” you, understand you and calm you and everything would be in its place. Both, male and female, protect and guard a child, a new life. Hands are the ones that hold and give safety. Men’s hands women, women’s – mother’s hands child. Hands as a symbol of safe attachment, trust, peace and love.



Therapies are led by specialists in marriage and family therapy:

  • Jolanda Kraner, M.Sc., spec. mft., supervisor with license of Social Chamber of Slovenia, the founder, praticienne - servante du jeu de peindre, instructor, TRE 1
  • Boštjan Nemanič, spec. mft., supervisor with license of Social Chamber of Slovenia