When entering the therapeutic process, the individual encounters various issues, expectations, dilemmas, decisions. First, trust between the therapist and the user is established, which is the basis for the continuation of the process towards understanding and evaluating the resulting problems and internal growth. Sometimes the user comes to the therapeutic process only with certain symptoms, for example anxiety, physical sensation… but we never stay only at this, we always get a background of what is hidden in the depths of man and is coming to the surface through the symptoms. Therapist helps an individual to find closer contact with himself on physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual level. This helps an individual to be made out of “one piece” again, to evaluate his past, to see the present and is able to make changes and decisions in his life to overcome the blockages which unable him to live the way he wants. With this it is also easier to take responsibility for yourself.

To help in therapy we can also:

  • make a genogram;
  • show the path of life by evaluating different events, periods;
  • make a review of past life decisions and causes that affected them;
  • recognize different patterns of behavior, attachment style;
  • systemic outline of circumstances, extension of angle view;
  • discover the role and responsibilities of an individual at the entire problem;
  • confrontation with facts about yourself, “how I look at myself, how others see me”.